Down Right Fierce w/ da Beats & Rhymes

RYU raps at the Japan Appreciation Festival in the Bronx

I am part of a crew of artists that ventured to Japan last November to perform.

Our “Domo Arigato: Japan Appreciation Festival 2011” up in the Bronx this past weekend was amazing! We were able to raise money that will donate later this week to NYC’s Japan Society! Below are some of the highlights!

The Domo Arigato Fund was created by a team of NY based artists that traveled together to Japan this past November 2010 for Japan Music Week and more. The terrible earthquake and Tsunami that following March 2011 was the catalyst to push the Domo Arigato artists to do something as a way to give back to Japan.

The Domo Arigato collective is Green Street, TastyKeish, Conscious, Cavalier, Raye 6, Eye2025, Emjae, Trezure, and MeccaGodZilla. Honorable mention Mio Soul for her great help organizing and for making sushi for the day in addition to performing! Also Rie, Rei, Natsuki and Star Fleet for rocking the stage!

GOT YOUR RISING SUN TSHIRT YET!?? GET IT HERE Proceeds also going to Japan Society



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