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Black August Recap!

The 14th Annual Black August Hip Hop show was nothing short of incredible as Cavalier, myself and Faro Z set the tone for an incredible night! Enjoy the photos, video coming soon!


(Cavalier was the 1st to touch the stage that night.. he tore that mofo apart!)

2nd to the stage.. THE MECCAGODZILLA!  Was not playing NO GAMES on my debut at SOBs

my partner in rhyme Majesty joined me to really heat it up!

Prolific and incredible poet from Long Island, helped close my set!  Thank you Pro!!

This show is very important to my people.. So what does Black August mean?

“The Black August Hip Hop Project strives to promote human rights though supporting and influencing the global development of Hip Hop culture. By facilitating exchanges between international communities where Hip Hop is a vital part of youth culture, we promote awareness about the social and political issues that affect our global communities. ”


(Trezure of NRO.. setting the stage ablaze)

(Microphone master, Faro Z)

(Life Long reppin!)

(Divine in the middle of the Bartendaz)

(Me in the middle of Munira and Mio Soul)

(Kalae with a MASTERFUL performance)


(Rodstarz, Divino, Eye2025)

(bonjour, como ca va?? – Les Nubians)

(Hasan Salaam and Baron of Red Clay – Jersey meets Brooklyn)

(Hasan’s set was INCREDIBLE.. you already Know Baron blazed it w/ the vocals!)

(Shake your afro ladies!!!)

(yes.. a packed house!)

(reppin with Megaciph and  Omowale of G.A.ME the Grassroots Artists MovEment)

(amaka, monifa, purple pill babies and justin I see yall)

It was an honor to rock the stage with one of the most incredible artists born in NY.. much love to Majesty

see yall at the next Black August!

it’s all love!

(Les Nubians with Mio Soul and MeccaGodZilla.. Black August 2011)

many thanks to Monifa!

(Kalae All Day with Mio Soul and Baron with MeccaGodZilla)



RYU BLACK Testimonial!

Although Dave is a personal friend, below is what he wrote…it’s from the heart.. it’s amazing actually! Thank you DAVE!!!!

Now that you read that, what do you think about the musical!???

Stuff like this is truly inspiring and encouraging… It is really great that Dave got what I got once I finished creating this album.. He’s a real, real, real tough fighter..and it’s inspiring that he could vibe to it… I’m honored

The PERFECT 天 CD in stores!

RYU BLACK’s new musical,  PERFECT 天 , is now in Boston’s Underground Hip Hop!

ryu black ughh boston store perfect musical heaven ryu black ughh boston store perfect musical heaven

Phantom Punch Friday

I was doing these posts a few months ago but I stopped… I think it’s time to rekindle!

Enjoy Kimbo Slice’s first Heavyweight Boxing match where he smashes his opponent in 17 seconds… chotto Tysonesque style!

get it in Kimbo!

1 word… Felicia

Seriously, is it me or is Yaya Han by far the hottest Felicia on the planet! Wonder if she’d like my RYU BLACK song “Once Bit 10” (pun for once bitten…by the alcohol induced love bug)  She’s killing it!

Yaya Han as Felicia of Dalk Stalkers

Yaya Han as felicia pink darkstalkers

Yaya Han as Felicia of Darkstalkers

Yaya Han as Felicia of Darkstalkers

Someone tell that Wolf to watch his hands! Felicia Yaya Han Darkstalkers
(Someone tell that Wolf to watch his hands!)

Happy Bornday RYU BLACK

Yup! Today is my birthday and I’m 33 years old. Amazing that I’ve made it this far. I am blessed for each day I’m alive, the majority of the days I’ve been healthy and happy!

I made it!

GameFront’s Top 10 Hottest Girls in Gaming (VIDEO)

I seriously thought Chun Li would’ve been #1. Well in my book yes! Mai Shiranai should have been way up on that list! GameFront did a pretty good job though!

honorable mention… and no she does not have fleas… Felicia!

RYU BLACK ONCE BIT 10 Tribute song to Mai Shiranai Chun Li Felicia Julia Chang tekken streetfighter darkstalkers

and 2 more super throwbacks! Psylocke and ROGUE!


(if ONLY ROGUE LOOKED LIKE THIS IN THE X MEN Live Action Films… Hollywood stinks sometimes!)